No Winter Lasts Forever

No Winter Lasts Forever

11th March 2019

As we emerge from deepest darkest winter and head into spring, Britain’s changing seasonal landscape with its golden daffodils and bouncing baby lambs is a welcoming and reassuring sight. Sadly, the political situation remains anything but predictable or reassuring. And with the details of the final Brexit deal still unclear, many people feel understandably concerned about the future.

In the south of England Brexit has had a well-documented impact on the property market, with the jitters affecting other regions too. But David Blake from Which? magazine urges buyers and homeowners to follow their hearts as well as their heads. “I’m sure many people are waiting until we know more about whether the UK will leave with a deal” says Mr. Blake, “but this could go on a while and it’s tough putting your life on hold for an unknown.”

And in a recent article published in The Sunday Times newspaper, Alexandra Goss agrees that the question of buying now or delaying remains less of a macroeconomic question and more of a micro domestic dilemma. “Do you need another bedroom?” asks Ms. Goss. “Do you need to move for schools? Do you want to go mortgage free? For many the answer is yes – and they have been waiting too long” she concludes.

For those of us looking to make a lifestyle change, buying a new home will most likely be a long-term investment that aims to bring about a better quality of everyday life. “Buying a property should generally be regarded as a long-term investment,” continues Mr Blake, “and even if there is a short-term price drop, house prices will probably stabilise in the future.”

Three things that are certain: daffodils will bloom, lambs will be born and on 23rd June 2019 it will have been three years since the EU Referendum took place.

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